The 4 Best Smart Sunglasses That You Can Buy Today

Technology has entered almost every aspect of our lives. From telephones to TVs to even refrigerators, every single product is becoming smart. The humble sunglasses remained immune to this because, what more can a sunglasses do apart from sit in front of your eyes and protect it? Turns out, they can be made to do a lot more. The last few years has seen some rapid advancement in the smart sunglasses market that is nothing short of astounding. Let’s now take a look at the 4 Best Smart Sunglasses that you can buy today.

Chemion Bluetooth LED Sunglasses:

The Chemion Bluetooth LED Sunglasses comes with a fully-fledged LED display on the outside of the glass. If you are wondering if the LED display blocks your vision, the answer is no. You can see very clearly through the glasses, even when the LED is displaying some message. The LED is controlled by the app they provide with the product. Using your smartphone, you can display messages to other people, show music equalization and many other cool things. It can be a great conversation starter and is an excellent smart sunglasses for teens and adults alike.

Wonfast Bluetooth Sunglasses:

The Wonfast Bluetooth Sunglasses have fully polarized replaceable lenses that come in several different colors and shades. They also offer 100% UV protection. However, their primary selling point is that they double up as Bluetooth headphones and can be connected to your smartphone to play songs, take calls, etc. They cost just $16, which is cheaper than even some wood grain sunglasses. These glasses have a nice sporty look and are perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, etc.

Forestfish Smart Sunglasses:

The Forestfish Smart sunglasses look perfectly ordinary at first glance. However, they are packed with features and resemble something you would see in a James Bond movie. The tiny dot in between the two lenses is actually a 5 megapixel camera that can take pictures and record videos of even 720p resolution. They also come with detachable earphones that can be used as Bluetooth headphones when connected to the glasses. The Forestfish offers an incredible 14 hours of battery life, making it a wonderful smart sunglasses.

3M Smart Protective Glasses:

The Smart Protective 3M glasses may look like any ordinary glass at first sight, but their true magic comes to the fore when the external conditions change. They have a unique light sensing technology that changes the shade of the lens as per the external lighting. Although designed for industrial use, this makes it a perfect pair of sunglasses for driving, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

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