Everyone loves a nice cold drink on a hot summer afternoon. Not all of us have the luxury of having a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts next to our house or workplace to quickly dash out and grab a nice cup of iced latte to quench our thirst. But hey, making an iced latte isn’t really that hard. All you need is some practice and soon you’ll be making iced lattes as good as the ones at Dunkin Donuts. Let’s take a look at the 4 Quick Steps it takes to make that Perfect Iced Latte.

1. Start with the Syrup:

We always start with the syrup. This is so that the other ingredients can take in the flavor of the syrup when we pour them over it. Just add a small quantity of the syrup to the bottom of the cup. Vanilla is recommended although you can pick out any syrup of your choice. Hence, it is always a good idea to have several syrups ready at hand in your house or at your workplace.

2. Add Milk:

Then we add milk to about two-thirds of the cup. You can use any milk of your choice – skimmed or unskimmed. Just make sure it doesn’t have too much cream as it will spoil the taste of the latte. You can also add sweetened milk if you like your latte sweet. Make sure that the milk hits the side of your cup when you pour it. This will ensure that it swirls well and automatically mixes with the syrup at the bottom.

3. Add Ice Cubes:

Then we add a few ice cubes to the cup. If you always find the latte to be too watery for your liking, we have a special tip for you. Instead of freezing water and making ice cubes out of it, simply freeze a batch of black coffee and prepare coffee cubes. This can be easily done using one of the many ice makers that are available in the market. http://www.perfecticemaker.com/ has all the information you need about these neat little machines. The coffee cubes lend the latte a strong flavor and make them taste less watery.

4. Add the Coffee:

Finally, you can top off the cup with black coffee. This will give it the final finishing touch and the unique latte taste. Insert a straw and give it just half a turn so that the 4 ingredients mix slightly. It is important not to mix it thoroughly as it will spoil the effect of being able to taste the individual ingredients as well as the mixed product in the latte.

Technology has entered almost every aspect of our lives. From telephones to TVs to even refrigerators, every single product is becoming smart. The humble sunglasses remained immune to this because, what more can a sunglasses do apart from sit in front of your eyes and protect it? Turns out, they can be made to do a lot more. The last few years has seen some rapid advancement in the smart sunglasses market that is nothing short of astounding. Let’s now take a look at the 4 Best Smart Sunglasses that you can buy today.

Chemion Bluetooth LED Sunglasses:

The Chemion Bluetooth LED Sunglasses comes with a fully-fledged LED display on the outside of the glass. If you are wondering if the LED display blocks your vision, the answer is no. You can see very clearly through the glasses, even when the LED is displaying some message. The LED is controlled by the app they provide with the product. Using your smartphone, you can display messages to other people, show music equalization and many other cool things. It can be a great conversation starter and is an excellent smart sunglasses for teens and adults alike.

Wonfast Bluetooth Sunglasses:

The Wonfast Bluetooth Sunglasses have fully polarized replaceable lenses that come in several different colors and shades. They also offer 100% UV protection. However, their primary selling point is that they double up as Bluetooth headphones and can be connected to your smartphone to play songs, take calls, etc. They cost just $16, which is cheaper than even some wood grain sunglasses. These glasses have a nice sporty look and are perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, etc.

Forestfish Smart Sunglasses:

The Forestfish Smart sunglasses look perfectly ordinary at first glance. However, they are packed with features and resemble something you would see in a James Bond movie. The tiny dot in between the two lenses is actually a 5 megapixel camera that can take pictures and record videos of even 720p resolution. They also come with detachable earphones that can be used as Bluetooth headphones when connected to the glasses. The Forestfish offers an incredible 14 hours of battery life, making it a wonderful smart sunglasses.

3M Smart Protective Glasses:

The Smart Protective 3M glasses may look like any ordinary glass at first sight, but their true magic comes to the fore when the external conditions change. They have a unique light sensing technology that changes the shade of the lens as per the external lighting. Although designed for industrial use, this makes it a perfect pair of sunglasses for driving, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Free kick goals are always memorable in Football. It takes great skill and technique to score goals from free kicks and there have been only a handful of players who’ve managed to perfect that art. They are wonderful to watch and when scored on the right occasion when the team is in dire need of a goal, it becomes a lifelong memory. Let’s now take a look at the 3 most memorable Free Kick Goals in History.

David Beckham – England Vs. Greece 2001:

They don’t say ‘Bend it like Beckham‘ for nothing. Beckham is one of those select few, who’ve mastered the art of curving the ball past everybody and into the back of the net. Back in 2001, when England were facing defeat at the hands of Greece and elimination from the Qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup, the situation was dire. It was the 92nd minute and England were awarded a free kick, 25 yards away from goal. If there was anyone in the team who could score and send England to the World Cup, it was Beckham. Boy, did he deliver! The perfect curler and the stadium erupting are definitely memories one would never forget in a lifetime! Here’s the video.

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Ronaldinho – Brazil Vs England 2002:

It was the Quarter Finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea/Japan and the match between Brazil and England was heading to a 1-1 draw and the prospect of playing for the Golden Goal was looming large. It was then that Ronaldinho stepped up to take a free kick 45 yards out, almost near the team dugouts. Smiling brightly with shiny white teeth, he put the ball down, ran up and produced a miracle. The poor England keeper David Seaman had no chance. He ran, jumped and fell, but could not even put a fingertip to the screamer of a free kick from Ronaldinho! It was sealed then, Brazil were going to the World Cup Semi-Finals. Here’s the video of that memorable free-kick goal.

Roberto Carlos – Brazil Vs France 1997:

Unlike the previous two, this goal wasn’t during a crunch situation. However, don’t let that fact take anything away from the sheer awesomeness of this free-kick though. Brazil had been awarded a free-kick 40 yards out and Carlos stepped up, placed the ball and ran back another 20 yards. Then, like a sprinter running towards the finish line, he ran towards the ball, swung his foot around and did pure magic! Trust me, what he did that day, still makes even Physicists wonder in awe. See for yourself.

Noise cancellation headphones have become a necessity in the noisy urban environment of today. Even if you don’t use them for listening to music, you can still activate the noise cancellation feature to enjoy a good night’s sleep or when studying. This amazing technology has come a long way in the recent decades and is a boon to everyone fortunate enough to possess a pair of these headphones. Let’s now take a look at the 4 Best Noise Cancellation Headphones that you can buy today.

Bose QuietComfort 35 – Series 2:

Everything about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is simply perfect. These headphones (freisprecheinrichtung) are the ones that came as close to perfection as possible when it came to canceling out outside noise. Bose have worked their magic, in terms of delivering an unmatched sound quality too. The headphones are light, comfortable, and easy to wear. They also fold neatly and go into the carry case, which makes it easy to carry it around. Set in the mid $300 range, these are a bit pricey, but trust us when we say it’ll be the best investment you’ll make for the next 3-5 years.

Bose QuietComfort 25:

Although it is three years since the QuietComfort 25 launched, it is still one of the best Noise Cancelling headphones available in the market today. Just like the 35 II, the noise cancellation in these headphones is near perfect. The only area where the QuietComfort 25 falls behind the 35 II is in sound quality. The sound isn’t too bad, but it’s certainly not as awesome as in the 35 II. However, for around $250, the features packed into this little gadget is astounding.

Audio-Technica ANC7b:

The Audio-Technica ANC7b is the perfect option if this is your first foray into the world of noise cancellation headphones. Priced at a very affordable $100, it has very good noise cancellation capability. The audio quality is also not too bad for the price and makes the ANC7b a great budget noise cancellation headphone.

Sennheiser HD-1:

Set at the same price range as the QuietComfort 35 II, the Sennheiser HD-1 has exceptional noise canceling capabilities. It also has a dual Bluetooth and wired connectivity option that can be really handy if you run out of charge when traveling. Although the QuietComfort 35 II beats the HD-1 in terms of noise canceling capability, the HD-1’s impeccable audio quality easily trumps the 35 II. Although it is a tad bit pricey, the HD-1 is still easily one of the best noise canceling headphones that you can buy today.

It has been said that love is generally expressed through something which is sparkling. Well, the poet might have mentioned that it was about the sparkling of the eyes, but in the modern day terms, it more or less signifies the sparkling of the diamond. So, when love happens to be an inevitable part of your life, it is also important for you to express your love as and when possible. Each and every one of us has a different way of expressing their love, and it is this display which will be able to showcase the variety of ways in which you will be able to enjoy the comfort and the longing of our loved one.

As we all know, an engagement ring is one of the best ways in which people would be able to profess their love and take it to the very next level. Having an engagement is only a stepping stone towards marriage, which is the ultimate goal for a happy couple. Therefore, purchasing the perfect engagement ring is not only a fun thing to do, but also a decision that needs to be taken with a lot of thought and consideration.

The expression of love in a romantic manner, where you get down on your knees is something that is pretty amazing to watch and wonderful to realize when you are doing it yourself. Not everybody has the chance of professing their love to their loved one, so once you get the chance to do so, make sure that you immortalize the occasion by presenting the proper engagement ring in question. By simply looking at the virtue of presenting engagement rings, it becomes important for you to have something which contains a diamond.

When you are scrutinizing the detail of the engagement ring, ensure that everything is up to the mark. After all, you are spending your hard earned money on purchasing such a product which will be at the hands of your lover all throughout his/her life – we recommend you go with yellow gold wedding bands, click here for more details. So, it has to be of the best quality possible, or else it would always remain a negative factor in your otherwise happily married life.

If you have money, or even a small budget set aside for an engagement ring, it is important for you to look at designer engagement rings. These are of extremely high quality, and well in demand amongst the people looking to present a wonderful gift to their loved one. With the value of the engagement rings increasing day by day, it is important that you understand the benefits of engagement rings, and how it would provide proper reference of love and showcase the affection that you have for your lover.

Are you looking out for natural treatments for fertility? In this society which is filled with people seeking out quick fixes to everything, people would simply like to get pregnant as fast as possible. In their aim to do so, they sometimes go for using invasive surgical methods and costly medical treatment. However, what they do not realize is that most of those medical treatments also come with a lot of unwanted side effects. It could not only create havoc within your body, but it might also have long lasting impacts that you might not have anticipated. Therefore, it is always important for you to look at natural fertility treatment prior to making use of such invasive methods.

What you could do is to try and go for a fertility diet, which is essentially a diet that is pretty healthy, and contains fruits and food items that will be able to increase the fertility within your body (check out this blog for more advice on conception). There are different kinds of nutrients which are pretty vital for a woman to get pregnant easily, and those kinds of materials are included within the diet as well. By having a proper diet, the people will be able to secure the best chances of getting pregnant.

The other form of a natural therapy in order to get fertile pretty fast is to look at the hormonal balance within the human body. It is a pretty important aspect for you to know that in order for you to get pregnant, the balance of the hormones is a necessity. Proper hormone balance can come within the human body by having a good diet, maintaining the body and adapting perfect exercise regimen. Try and have a lot of fun, start enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner, and at the end of the day, try getting rid of the immense stress that you have on a daily basis.

Cleansing is another way for you to get rid of all the toxins in your body and increase the chance of fertility. So, what exactly is fertility cleanse? Well, this kind of a cleanse is particularly done in order to get rid of all the harmful toxins within the body, which might have an adverse impact on the chances for you to conceive. Not only will it be able to help you get pregnant pretty quickly, but in general, it can make you feel a lot better.

Finding out what one really wants may need some effort but it’s the only way to grow. Visualize dreams, ask empowering questions, decide what needs to be done in order to make it happen.

“The power to magically transform our lives into our greatest dreams lies within all of us,” says life coach Anthony Robbins. According to this belief system, the only limitations are those that are set by the individual.

Do What you Want, Ask Questions to Change your Life

The first and most difficult step to change your life is knowing what you want. Ask the right questions, explains A. Robbins, and sooner or later, the right answer will filter through. Imagine for a moment that everything is possible, what is the ultimate dream? Is it about career, relationships, money, leisure? Whatever it is, give it shape, set out every detail in the mind’s eye and imagine what life would be like if the dream came true.

So, what’s stopping you? Lack of time, energy, money, qualifications, children? In most cases, these are merely excuses to keep to a dull but reassuring routine. Pull down the barriers, one by one. How can you find more time, get more energy, earn more money, gain qualifications, delegate? Every question has an answer but make sure the dream is really yours and be aware that there’s always a price to pay, money or otherwise. How far are you prepared to go? Answer honestly for that is the crucial question.

Making Decisions and Positive Thinking

If making decisions is difficult, start gently. Small changes can make a big difference, taking a different route to work, choosing what to watch on TV, going out once a week. What little thing could you change today to improve your life? Do it, and again tomorrow and the next day. The more you practice, the easier it gets

Make positive thinking the number one life changing habit. That means choosing the right words, spoken or in the mind, and letting them create new patterns in the brain. The subconscious is powerful. Ban anything negative, don’t even say ‘I could’ or ‘I’ll try’, that’s weak, choose ‘I will’, that’s a decision, repeat it every day and intuition will find a way. Once the decision has been made, don’t hesitate or look back, just make it work.

Goal Setting, Action and Flexibility

When confidence and excitement begin to grow, it’s time to tackle the big dream. Take a sheet of paper, list the old excuses, ask the right questions, brainstorm and write down the answers, however weird or unlikely. They may not come all at once but stay positive, sleep on it and they will come.

Now plan the route, what will be done, how, when, step by step, and start straightaway. Procrastination leads nowhere and a goal is nothing until one acts on it. Persevere, give it a good shot, but if it doesn’t work out, move on and develop a new game plan. Flexibility is important, one door closes, another opens. Try again, ask different questions, find new answers and keep going until you get what you want.